Get a $20 Gift from us at your first service at the Colorbar Hair Salon


At the COLORbar, we offer a unique salon experience... specializing in the upmost modern beauty trends with fantasy colors as well as the everyday colors we typically see on a busy day. Our  creativity and passion for hair will speak for itself.  

We will always have you in mind when recommending and educating you about the  products we use on you. We care about what goes into those bottles and onto you hair and skin, that is why we chose the best in natural and luxury hair care sproducts specifically designed for your  individual needs. 


Welcome: Read here before booking a request

By clicking Request Now or Request a stylist, is ONLY a REQUEST for that available time and service. We will then analyze our schedule and what stylist is best fit for your appointment type. Your request will handled over the phone by one of our professionals once we receive your inquiry and you get a call from us with a confirmed and exact time. 

All ONLINE appointments are REQUESTS ONLY & do not guarantee an appointment until we speak to you

There's so much to  each unique you, that we have taken an extra step to making sure we book your appointment properly so we can serve you to the fullest. We allot a certain amount of time for each service, so if it is not booked right the first time, we then have to tell you no, and we do not want to do that. So request your appointment here and a coordinator will call you within 2 hours. If you need an immediate booking, call the salon at 704-843-4000 and we will get you on your way to visiting us at The COLORbar Hair Salon.